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Best Roofing Contractor Amarillo TX

Are you tired of spending lots of money on roofing services that can’t even give you satisfaction? Lots of promising quality and affordability, but in the end, it will turn out to be costly because of poor conditions. So, do you want to make the best out of your roof? Here, at our company, we guarantee your satisfaction. We use long-lasting materials, and we provide exceptional service.

What do we offer?


Do you have worn shingles but don’t want to replace the entire roof? Then, re-roofing for restoring your roof appearance.

Roof Replacement

Does your roof need to be replaced entirely? Thus, roof replacing for longer-lasting quality.

New Construction Roof

Do you have difficulty in choosing the roof type and system? Then, we’ll help you choose the right one to suit your needs.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Coatings
  • Leak Repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Installation
worker on edge of residential roof installing shingles
Free instant quote
Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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What we can do
We guarantee your satisfaction

When you trust us with your roofing needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

two workers measuring width of building eaves

Roof Repair

If you want to extend the life of your roof, we’ll give you an effective leak, flashing, and curled shingle repair solution.
man inspecting metal roof

Roof Inspection

With our professional staff, we guarantee a satisfactory inspection. We conduct structural, material, interior, and craftsmanship inspections.
workers during residential roof replacement

Residential Roofing

We install, repair, and maintain the highest-quality roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, slate, and metal roofing.
roof of commercial building with skylights

Commercial Roofing

Let us help you keep your business running smoothly with our commercial roofing services for top materials, including PVC, EPDM, and TPO.

Overview of our Roofing Company

A roof acts as a protective barrier against all types of harm. It also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your building or house. Thus, a roof should be able to withstand harsh and unpredictable weather while maintaining its appearance. Therefore, you should select an expert and certified roofing contractor like us for the best roofing services.

You can do some roof services, such as minor repairs, on your own. For example, cleaning your roof or removing branches and debris from your tiles does not require the use of specialist tools. However, you will need expert assistance for more difficult jobs, such as building difficulties or extensive repair. Capable of correct equipment management, as well as knowledge and competence in all roof issues. Due to thorough training and skills testing, they are an expert in any roofing task while assuring the highest level of quality and safety.

Roofing services assist you with a variety of roof-related concerns. It covers the installation of your roof, whether it’s re-roofing to restore the appearance of your roof, roof replacement for longer-lasting quality, or a new construction roof to assist you in selecting the right roof type and systems. A roof repair service may also help prevent minor problems from becoming major problems, as well as preventative maintenance to extend the life of your roof. However, this service requires a unique approach and considerations, which a professional roofing contractor can only supply.

We offer a range of roofing services including residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof inspections, roof repairs, and emergency roof repairs. Roofing is a complicated transaction that a professional roofing contractor should deal with. It is better to hire specialists than to do it yourself. We can get the necessary supply, materials, and gear to successfully carry out the work at a reasonable price. Moreover, we can solve any problem or obstacle following a comprehensive inspection of the roof. Thus, leave it to us and trust us. The highest-quality materials, efficient service, and reasonable costs will be provided by our superb professionals.

worker on commercial roof with blue sky in background
I was very impressed with the whole crew. They were professional and polite, and they did a great job fixing our roof! I would highly recommend
Maria M.
great service and great prices, i would recommend these guys to anyone with a roof problem.
Earl S.
Amarillo Roofing is my go-to company when i need any help with my roof. They have been around for a long time and I know that they are reliable because I’ve relied on them multiple times. They fixed the problem quickly each time, and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg for their services either.
Horace R.

Our Roofing Services

See below for more information about our top notch roofing contracting.

Roof Repair

Not every roof problem requires a total roof replacement. Your roof might just need a simple roof repair. Thus, our company will provide you with precise roof repair services.

  • Leak Roof Repair

A leaky roof is a visible indication of deterioration and should be addressed right away. Even small leaks can cause major issues such as rotting structures, ruined ceilings, mildew, and destroyed insulation. However, finding the leak is a difficult task for non-experts. So, you’ll need an expert like us to help with your problem.

  • Flashing Repair

Roof flashing repair will keep water from accumulating in one spot and entering the gaps between your shingles and the underlying wood. Professional roofers use roof flashing to keep water away from chimneys, walls, dormers, and other places where the roof meets a vertical plane.

  • Curled Shingles

Moisture from rising air can become trapped in the roof decking if attics are poorly aired. Mold can grow on the shingles' edges, causing them to curl. The roofer may be able to flatten them if the curling is slight, but badly curled shingles will almost always need to be replaced.

Expertise in roofing is necessary to detect and address the issue. If your roof is beyond repair, we’ll propose the most cost-effective replacement option depending on your requirements and budget.

two workers measuring width of building eaves

Roof Inspection

Damage to the roof may result in expensive repairs or even a complete roof replacement. Thus, an annual professional roof inspection is necessary. Our roof inspectors are experts in evaluating the condition of any roof type. They will inspect your whole roof system and show you what needs to be fixed. We’ll look for possible concerns for both interior and exterior of your roofs such as corrosion, leaks, structural issues, improper flashing, gutter concerns, and other threats on your roof. Also, to guarantee the completeness of the examination, we utilized an inspection checklist. We pay close attention to the smallest details and will give you a detailed report on the state of your roof. Thus, a roof inspection report will assist you in avoiding any roofing issues. With us, you’ll learn about the changes you need to take advantage of to maintain your roof in good shape for many years to come.
man inspecting metal roof

Residential Roofing

At our company, we’ll assist you in making better choices about your home’s roofing options. We only work with the best materials, like:

  • Asphalt shingles - It is cost-effective, durable, and accessible in many colors. This facilitates alignment with the particular aspect of your property with your new roof.
  • Slate - It is durable and available in many colors and thicknesses. Slate roofing may continue for a century with appropriate installation and maintenance from trustworthy roofers like us.
  • Metal Roofing - They have also proven extremely long-lasting. However, the installation might be complicated, therefore it is important to partner with a roofing contractor that understands metal shingles very well is necessary.

These rewarding features don’t end there since we assure that we produce with quality. All these items are to be installed quickly and effectively while meeting the criteria for safety and quality. We also repair and replace roofs and provide inspections and repair estimates.

workers during residential roof replacement

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing requires roofing professionals as they must replace and construct commercial roofs with a range of materials in a wide area. Our company will help you in selecting the right roofing option for your building’s needs, and quality installation of these is guaranteed.

  • Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)

A PVC is a roofing material with several benefits, including strength, durability, and resistance to moisture, wind, fire, and chemicals. To get the maximum benefits of a PVC roof, PVC roofing professionals will guarantee that the installation procedure is carried out appropriately.

  • Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer (EPDM)

An EPDM is low-maintenance, high-performance roofing with good weathering properties. The typical black color of the EPDM membrane absorbs solar radiation, which helps to keep the building warm during the coldest winters.

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

Commercial single-ply roofing systems have several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and superior weather protection. In addition, we can assist you in determining if a single-ply roofing system is appropriate for your structure and the best solution for your specific needs.

roof of commercial building with skylights

Emergency Roof Repair

We know how stressful emergency roofing can be, which is why we respond quickly and deliver high-quality services to every roof repair emergency we encounter.

Our emergency repairs seal your structure to prevent future water penetration and property damage. Our emergency roof repair services include repairing structural damage to your roof and sealing roof leaks to avoid future damage to your home. If you only need a temporary solution, it may also include an emergency roof tarp. However, roof shrink-wrap may be a preferable alternative if you need a longer-term solution, as shrink-wrap may last up to a year or more in some cases.

For your everyday activities, we understand how important a solid roofing system is. As a result, our service team emphasizes emergency roofing services to provide excellent roofing repairs on time. With our help, your company may resume normal operations as soon as possible while also extending the life of your current roof.

worker reinstalling shingles after storm
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Our Approach

Customer satisfaction is our company’s top priority. We ensure that every customer’s demands are addressed to ensure their money was spent on valuable service. Furthermore, we treat every task with the utmost care, performance, and preparation to guarantee that you receive nothing but the best.

Our firm employs durable materials solely while considering its cost-effectiveness. We know how expensive the service is if the materials used were not of the highest quality, needing more frequent replacement and repair. Thus, we’re here to lessen your burden. Furthermore, we also make sure of quality craftsmanship by our skilled team from selecting the best and affordable materials.

We understand that most owners cannot identify the service they need. So, we will completely examine your roof, explain its condition and assist you in choosing one that meets your demands. These options contain just the best. Regardless of your choices, it is the best option already. It’s just up to your preference. You don’t have to worry since we’re always here to help you every step of the way.

Our customer care team is always accessible to address any queries or requests. With our highly trained staff, you can always expect the best out of your roof.

Frequently asked questions

The type of roof service you need depends on the condition of your roof.

  • Re-roofing. If your roof consists of one layer of shingles. A new shingle overlay is installed over your worn shingle, restoring the appearance of your roof.
  • Roof Replacement. If you have a worn-out roof and it already has many layers of shingles. A worn-out roof will be replaced by putting new roofing materials and components.
  • New Roofing Construction. If you are building a new structure, you’ll need to install the roof structure, underlaying, and covering.
  • Repair and maintenance.If you want to prevent the potential roof problems from getting worse.

Each type of roof has its advantages and disadvantages. The key is to select the best that fits your needs. Thus, you must consider the following factors.

  • Longevity and Durability of the roof
  • Issues with roof installation
  • Affordability
  • Roof appearance
  • Barrier against weather
  • Roof slope
  • Energy efficiency
The age of your roof is the first factor to consider when determining its health. You should also think about how the weather impacts the roof’s durability. You’ll see pinholes of sunlight coming through if your roof is beginning to deteriorate, suggesting that it needs some repair or maintenance. Also, check the ceiling for any damp areas while you’re up there. If you notice anything suspicious, contact a roofer right away––water damage that has spread to the attic can be a major issue.
Generally, a professional should examine your roof twice a year. In addition to hiring a professional to inspect your roof, you may perform self-checks to see if there is anything you see. However, it’s preferable to get it checked out before the extreme season to ensure that the roof is ready for the upcoming temperature change and any severe weather. Although it may be difficult to perform this check as frequently as suggested, doing so can help you avoid major problems with your roof that might result in leaks and damage to the interior of the structure.
The length of time it takes to build your new roof is determined by several factors, including the size of your home, the slope of your roof, the condition of your existing roof, and the weather forecast. Experienced roofing companies will work hard to ensure you receive the finest roof possible instantly, but there are certain things you can’t control.
Gutters safeguard the house’s foundation to avoid erosion, safeguard landscaping and prevent floods in the basement. They avoid staining the outside of the home, minimize paint damage and limit the formation of mold or mildew. However, blockages are the primary reason that gutters don’t protect your house. It must thus be free from holes and breaches. It should be tilted to your downspouts appropriately.

Generally, it might take around 30 years for a roof to last. However, the actual longevity of a roof depends on the durability of your chosen roof type and the environmental conditions.

Below are the lists of common roof types and their lifespan.

  • Asphalt shingles; 30 years
  • Slate tile roof; 200 years
  • Metal roofing; 70 years
  • Wood shakes and shingles; 30 years
  • Clay tile roof; 100 years

To ensure the success of roofing services, you must look for the following criteria.

  • Experience. Check out how many projects they’ve accomplished, as well as the sizes and complexity levels of those projects.
  • Contractor License. This document serves as a confirmation of their legality as well as assurance that your roof repair or replacement job will adhere to building requirements.
  • Insurance. Confirm that the contractor has both workers' compensation and general liability insurance.
  • Written Estimates. After a consultation, the proper roofer should be able to give a written estimate.
  • Warranties. Inquire about the warranties provided by the roofing business.
  • Complete Job Description and Materials needed. Should include a thorough description of the work to be done and a list of all roofing materials, underlayment type and thickness, and flashing locations.
  • Roofing undertaking. In the absence of unanticipated events, a roofing contractor should be able to complete a roofing project on schedule.
  • Total Price. You must include the final project cost. It’s up to you to figure out what’s realistic.
  • Warranty. Examine each estimate for the sorts of warranties and guarantees that each roofing contractor provides.
Roofing contractors are important in terms of assisting you in saving money. You won’t need to buy tools or supplies if you have them. They are experts in selecting the best materials for your requirements. They are capable of effectively and efficiently resolving issues. They may be able to show you how to solve minor issues on your own. They’ll be able to offer information about roof maintenance and repairs that you can perform yourself. However, some tasks can need to be left to the professionals to assure safety and quality.
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